GFTCGuelph Food Technology Center
GFTCGeorgia Foreign Trade Conference (Brunswick, GA)
GFTCGreen Field Transport Company, Inc.
GFTCGo for the Close
GFTCGeorgia Federal Tax Conference
GFTCGolden Flower Tai Chi (martial arts)
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The GFTC teaches all you need to know to start a small-scale organic farm, which includes learning everything from goal setting to reading soil tests.
Mushrooms Canada and GFTC are working to establish the parameters (light source, distance and time) necessary to produce 600/1,000/2,000 IU of D2 per 100 gram serving for both White and Brown mushrooms.
About GFTC: GFTC is Canada's only not-for-profit, non-subsidized food technology center.
The GFTC and Mulholland are prepared to offer to a limited number of clients the opportunity to license this technology for ongoing testing within their own laboratories.
We employ several independent audit organizations, such as Primus labs and GFTC, to review and measure our current food safety programs," explains DiMenna.
Recent preliminary results from studies undertaken at GFTC confirm that the viscosity of a fluid may have an impact on oxygen diffusion rates.