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GFYGood For You
GFYGovernment Fiscal Year
GFYGo Find Yourself (polite form)
GFYGo Fudge Yourself
GFYGalaxy Fraulein Yuna (video games)
GFYGraphitic Filament Yarn
GFYGod Free Youth (est. 2009)
GFYGod Forgives You (Internet slang)
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Hence GfY by Dr Jawahar Surisetti and Religion of Youth.
Significant differences in GFY and DMY among the oat varieties in present study match with the findings of Beyene et al.
The new GFY Series was created by using cost effective manufacturing and design techniques to create a high-efficiency LED bulb for commercial use that allows for a lower wattage.
17 GFY Cottage Pie 400g Asda not yet known Frozen Ready Meal
State Rankings According to Total SBIR Award Dollars (GFY 2000-2002) State Total SBIR awards millions$ number California 773.1 3,013 Massachusetts 546.8 2,084 Virginia 221.1 835 Maryland 184.8 715 Colorado 183.5 744 Ohio 154.9 576 New York 143.3 572 Texas 135.0 577 Pennsylvania 129.7 523 New Jersey 110.7 428 Source: Innovation Development Institute, Swampscott, MA, copyright 2003, all rights reserved.
Cream cheese with red pepper, GFY, Asda, 130 cals per 100g
SAINT: Mediterranean Tomato Cous Cous, GFY, Asda 192 calories / 141g
SAINT: Sweet & Sour, Stir Fry, GFY, Asda, 85 calories per 100g
SINNER: Spicy Vegetable Nacho, GFY, Asda, 225 calories per 100g.
SAINT: Blackcurrant, GFY, Asda (100g), 43 calories per 100g.