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GGAGeneralized Gradient Approximation
GGAGrouping Genetic Algorithm (computing)
GGAGulf General Atomic, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
GGAGood Girl Art (vintage artwork)
GGAGood Game All
GGAGeschützte Geographische Angabe (German: Protected Geographical Indication)
GGAGlobal Gecko Association
GGAGeorgia Geocachers Association
GGAGlobal Ground Automation (Secaucus, NJ)
GGAGirl Guides Association (scouting)
GGAGame Girl Advance
GGAGalway Geology Association (Galway, Ireland)
GGAGovernor General's Award (Canada)
GGAGrenzebach Glier Associates (various locations)
GGAGirl Guides Australia (scouting)
GGAGuidance Gimbal Assembly
GGAGraduate Grade Average
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The GGA would undertake necessary policy-making decisions and interventions to spur the development of its cutflower industry, which they aim to be considered as the Garden Capital of Southeast Asia, Cruz added.
GGA counsel Ayesha Hamid contended that officials were committing contempt by lying to the court.
Concerning the connection between thyroid pathology and GA, thyroid disorders were found in 13% of patients with GGA. (7) A female patient suffering from this skin condition was subsequently diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis, whilst she had a positive familial history for autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type II.
We then considered that with the higher heritability of the trait, the genetic variance of GGA will also be higher.
GGA is a division of the Europ Assistance Group, a specialist in travel insurance and other assistance services for more than 55 years.
Provincial GGA president Hassan Baluch thanked the UNWOMEN for organising the event.
The GGA algorithm was implemented using Java software running under the Win XP operating system on a 2.66GHZ CPU with 4GB RAM.
The 2011 edition of the GGA includes 76 indicators of program quality that have global relevance; however, please keep in mind that specific markers of how a standard is met may vary from nation to nation.
Here, we present results of DFT calculations for the structural, electronic, and optical properties of the crystalline phases of NaNb[O.sub.3] at room temperature and below, with a special emphasis on the performance of different flavours of the generalised gradient approximation (GGA) to the unknown exchange-correlation potential.
([for all] A,B)(A [contains] (B [contains] A)) as Frege understood sentences as names of truth values and the system in GgA is a term logic, in which every term, including sentences, names an object).
Furthermore, the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) and the Hubbard U method are used to explain the intraband states' nature.
RESULTS: Eight weeks after treatment with CGA, the levels of fasting serum triglyceride (TG), free fatty acid (FFA), total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), glucose (FSG), and insulin (FSI) were significantly lower in the GGA treatment group than in the control group.