GGBFSGround Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
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This paper studied the effect of W/B ratio, GGBFS ratio, FA ratio, aggregate particle size on the workability, and compressive strength of UHPFRC under standard curing conditions.
Input parameters Range (kg/[m.sup.3]) Water 125 [less than or equal to] Water [less than or equal to] 240 Cement 110 [less than or equal to] Cement [less than or equal to] 500 GGBFS 0 [less than or equal to] GGBFS [less than or equal to] 300 Fly ash 0 [less than or equal to] fly ash [less than or equal to] 300 CA CA [greater than or equal to] 450 FA FA [greater than or equal to] 450 SP SP < 2% (cement + pozzolanic admixtures) Table 2: Cementitious materials requirements for concrete exposed to deicing chemicals "Table 2 is reproduced from Kosmatka et al.
[10] have investigated the mechanical properties (compressive strength, flexural strength, and toughness) of RPC produced with class-C FA and GGBFS under different curing conditions (standard, autoclave, and steam curing).
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