GGCCGolden Gate Charismatic Church (San Francisco, CA)
GGCCGeneral Government Computer Center (Colorado)
GGCCGreater Greenwood Chamber of Commerce (Indiana)
GGCCGolf GTI Classic Club (automobile club)
GGCCGuarapiranga Golf & Country Club (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
GGCCGlenmarie Golf & Country Club (Malaysia)
GGCCGods Gypsy Christian Church
GGCCGroup-Guaranteed Channel Capacity
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Superior genotypes of three-SNP combinations selected by MS SNP combination Genotype N g.3690 G>A, g.3977-325 T>C (1) GGCT, GGCC, GACC(2) 2,194 Others 2,936 g.3270+10274 C>T, g.3977-325 T>C TTCT,TTCC,CTCT,CTCC,CCCC 2,578 Others 2,552 g.2634+1018 A>T, g.3690 G>A AAGG 1,936 Others 3,194 SNP combination Mean SD t (p-value) g.3690 G>A, g.3977-325 T>C (1) 6.35 0.54 <0.0001 5.38 0.37 g.3270+10274 C>T, g.3977-325 T>C 6.23 0.57 <0.0001 5.35 0.39 g.2634+1018 A>T, g.3690 G>A 6.18 0.66 <0.0001 5.56 0.54 SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism; SD, standard deviation; MS, marbling score.
Note: The variable acronyms indicate: GDPC: Gross Domestic Product per capita; GNPC: Gross National Product per capita; GDIC: Gross Domestic Investment per capita; GGCC: General Government Consumption per capita; EXPC: Constant Price Exports per capita; PLRT: Political Rights; LEB: Life Expectancy at Birth; IMR: Infant Mortality; SSE: Secondary School Enrollments; and PSE: Primary School Enrollments.
In addition, we found only one haplotype "GGCC" in LW and the individual had a higher porcine teat number than most of others with haplotypes "AGTC" and "AATT" (The data were not shown), the results implied that "G" and "C" could encode for a high teat number in pigs.
As is reported for the human TPO gene, a GGCC insertion-duplication at position 1186 in the eighth exon (p.R396fsX472) would lead to a frameshift at amino acid 396 with a premature stop at 472 in exon 9 (22).
The concert will also be highlighted by classical selections by the GGCC Chamber Singers.
GGCC is open to all adults who love to sing - no experience required.
GGCC is open to all who love to sing - no experience or audition required.