GGCTGemeenschappelijke Grens Controle Teams (Dutch: Joint Border Inspection Teams)
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Despite this, the GGCT alerts Macao residents who intend to travel to or are already in Sri Lanka to be aware and follow closely the development of the situation that might affect their personal safety there.
Our results confirm the rates of bleomycin lung toxicity in 15-30% of the patients treated with BEP, similar to those reported in GGCT patients (0-46%).
(1,2) Epidemiologic studies suggest that although similar in morphologic appearance, the embryonic and genetic initiating events of EGCTs may be distinct from the gonadal germ cell tumours (GGCTs).
The PCR primers used for amplification were forward 27f5'-AGAGTTTT GAT CCT GGCT CAG-3' and reverse 1492r 5'-TACGGCTACCTTG TTACGACTT-3' (Lane, 1991; Gomez-Donate et al., 2012) and forward G1-16S5'-GAAGTCGTAACA AGC-3' and reverse L2-23S 5'-GGGTTTCCCCAT TCGGA-3' (Breidt & Fleming, 1996; Kingcha et al., 2012) at a final concentration of 0.2 mM.
The sequence encoding human IFN-[gamma] (Funeng, Guangzhou, China) was first amplified using primer 1 (57-GGGG ACA AGT TTG TAC AAA GCA GGCT GCC ACC ATG AAA TAT ACA AGT TAT ATC TTG GCT-TTT3') and primer 2 (5'-GGGG ACC ACT TTG TAC AAG AAA GCT GGG T TTA CTG GGA TGC TCT TCG ACC TC-37).