GGDPGeorgia Government Documentation Project (Georgia State University)
GGDPGroup Graduate Development Programme (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)
GGDPGlobal Governance for Development Programme (South Centre; Geneva, Switzerland)
GGDPGlobal Gateways Development Program (California)
GGDPGhana Grains Development Program
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Next, we consider the bi-variate analysis for GGDP and change in net FDI inflows ([DELTA]FDI).
When we decompose the aggregate linear dependence between GGDP and [DELTA]SVA, we find that about 90 percent of that dependence is accounted for by the instantaneous feedback (F.sub.x x*y]) between the two variables although there is a relatively strong unidirectional relationship that can be observed from [DELTA]SVA to GGDP ([F.sub.y[right arrow]x]]).
GFMHK = [[beta].sub.1] GGDP + [[beta].sub.2] GWS + [[beta].sub.3] GDEEC + [[beta].sub.4] GPCI + [[beta].sub.5] GFMTR + [[beta].sub.6] GHNE + [[epsilon].sub.2]
GFMLF = [[delta].sub.1] GGDP + [[delta].sub.2] GFAAC + [[delta].sub.3] GAUC + [[delta].sub.4] GFEIN + [[delta].sub.5] GPESTICIDE + [[delta].sub.6] GPINV + [[epsilon].sub.4]
Phytoene synthase (Psy) from daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus), which utilises GGDP to form phytoene, a colourless carotene with a triene chromophore (Burkhardt et al., 1997) alone led to phytoene accumulation but not to desaturated derivatives (Burkhardt et al., 1997).
GGDP and LAP are important hydrolyzing enzymes of intestinal BBM whose activity is dependent on interaction with the lipid micro-environment of the membrane.
LAP and GGDP form a very specific group of protein-hydrolyzing enzymes of intestinal mucosa, located on the external surface of BBM (Ugolev et al., 1977; McDonald and Barrett, 1986).
(14.) When column (1) of Table 2 is run with only CSPAN, BILLS (the direct measure of "institutional inputs") and some of the alternative measures of constituent diversity (BPOP, UNION, and GGDP), each variable retains its expected sign, but none are significant at any conventional level and the adjusted [R.sup.2] is 0.09.
GGDP Federal government spending as a 21.45 percentage of U.S.
As expected, with the GGDP variable included, the dummy variable had very low significance and it was omitted.
[PFDI.sub.i] = [[beta].sub.0] + [[beta].sub.1][(PGDP).sub.i] + [[beta].sub.2][(GGDP).sub.i] + [[beta].sub.3][(PVAR).sub.i] + [[beta].sub.4][(WAGE).sub.i] + [[beta].sub.5][(ENGY).sub.i] + [[beta].sub.6][(PAID).sub.i] + [[beta].sub.7][(PDEBT).sub.i] + [[epsilon].sub.i]