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GGEGreenhouse Gas Emission
GGEGood Game Empire (gaming)
GGEGolden Gate Estates (Florida)
GGEGuild of Glass Engravers (UK)
GGEGastrografin Enema
GGEGerman-Gulf Enterprises Ltd. (est. 1974; various locations)
GGEgradient gel electrophoresis (HDL or LDL measurements)
GGEGlyceryl Guaiacolate Ether (chemistry)
GGEGirls for Gender Equity, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY)
GGEGraduate Group in Ecology
GGEGorgon Game Engine (programming)
GGEGreat Games Experiment (social networking)
GGEGallon Gas Equivalent
GGEGoogle Gadgets Editor (software)
GGEGod's Green Earth
GGEGrupo Gênese de Ensino (Brazilian school)
GGEGeneralized Glandular Enlargement
GGEGoGreenEnergy, LLC (marketing firm; Santa Cruz, CA)
GGEGuelph Gay Equality
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In recent years, GGE (genotype, genotype x environmet) biplot analyses were used to evaluate many crop plants in different experiments.
Once the assumptions of the mathematical model were met, the analysis of the adaptability and stability was conducted using the GGE Biplot methodology (YAN, 2000), using R software (DEVELOPMENT CORE TEAM, 2015), through the GGE Biplot GUI package (BERNAL, 2015).
American suspicion that Russia and China were playing a double game on cyber led the State Department in June 2017 to criticize nations that "seem to want to walk back progress made in previous GGE reports." The "Experts" dialogue withered over the past year, and the Russians are now seeking U.N.
The GGE did finally meet for a week in November, with 91 countries in attendance.
From the Sino-Russian, US-China, US-India, and Sino-Anglo cybersecurity agreements to this year's China-Australia cybersecurity cooperation agreement, there are many and varied references to the UN GGE and expressions of support for cybersecurity norms.
In the ( open letter  to the United Nations CCW, the experts welcomed the decision to create the GGE.
She further said that a GGE could be mandated to discuss issues such as the definition of LAWS, understanding on existing systems to agree on the limits need to be set regarding the autonomy in weapons, and to address the challenges of compliance with International Humanitarian Law (IHL).
These results Indicate that the CAP process can reduce the cost of algal biofuel production by nearly $10 GGE, taking the modeled cost down to $9.91 GGE.
However, more and more students purchase foods from grab-and-go establishments (GGEs) [14, 15].
Martin said that makes the capacity up in the range of 700 to 750 GGE per day.
The Cruze and Sonic sedans, feature 8.5 GGE fuel capacity for highway range of nearly 300 miles.