GGESGravity Gradient Earth Sensor (experiment; Switzerland)
GGESGazprom Global Energy Solutions (UK)
GGESGeschichte-Geographie-Ethnologie Service (German: History-Geography-Anthropology Service)
GGESGirls for Gender Equity in Sports (Brooklyn, NY)
GGESGlobal Guidance and Educational Services (New Delhi, India)
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Regulation C(2007)6324 defines the standard requirements applicable to the control of the safety of fixed fire protection systems containing certain fluorinated GGEs, while Regulation C(2007)6375 does the same for safety controls for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing these gases.
Delegates adopted a declaration according to which they commit to examining the means of limiting or reducing the GGEs of aircraft and boats, sectors excluded from the commitments subscribed to by industrialised countries in the framework of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.
has renewed a second option for operations and maintenance, along with an expected 250,000 GGEs of Redeem annually to power 40 waste trucks.
There are 221 children enrolled at the GGPS Dhoke Saadu, which has four classrooms of which one is dangerous, and one out of the GGES Pind Votti's 10 classrooms home to 371 students is also dangerous.
A 525 m network distance from the University' s Health Sciences Building also captured all relevant GGEs that were run by the University of Toronto Food Services (UTFS).
For Alain Perroy, ICCA Council secretary, this study shows that the chemical industry has substantial potential to help the world further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, both through GGE savings in its own production and through its products.
For every unit of greenhouse gas emissions (GGEs) directly or indirectly produced by the chemical industry, the industry would enable emission 'savings' of more than two units via the products and technologies provided by this industry to other economic sectors (industries and consumers).
The GGE biplot was used to show the relative performance of a specific cultivar at different environments.
The first involves discussions at the UN Disarmament Commission on a joint working paper by the United States, Russia, and China to promote practical efforts to implement the recommendations in the 2014 report by the Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on transparency and confidence-building measures.
The present investigation was carried out to study genotype x environment interaction (GEI) through GGE biplot and AMMI analysis over four environments (Majhera, Palampur, Bajaura and Almora) with 32 genetically diverse genotypes for four traits viz., grain yield, days to 50% flowering, days to maturity and 100 seed weight under rainfed condition of North Western Himalayan hills using randomised complete block design.
[11], called the GGE biplot, has been used for study of the G x E interaction.