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These data show that the surface compression provided by the chemical strengthening process of GGfA provides significant protection against the types of damage generated by typical cleaning of glass surfaces, whereas an un-strengthened, annealed soda-lime glass is very vulnerable to this type of minor damage.
Hybrid laminates utilizing an interior ply of GGfA did not exhibit this failure mode (breakage of the interior ply) even at glass thickness levels that approach half that of a conventional laminate (1.8 ASLG/0.4 GGfA equals total glass thickness of 2.2 mm).
For laboratory-simulated, real-world conditions, the failure rate for the inner ply of the hybrid GGfA laminate with 2.2 mm total glass thickness was found to be 0% while for the laminate consisting of two ASLG plies with total glass thickness < 3.2 mm, the inner ply failure rate was in excess of 50%.