GGGTGrey Goose Gateway Tour (golf)
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With the GQ of [([TA[G.sub.3]).sub.3] TA[]GG, [] did not change the CD signature of the wild-type antiparallel GQ [327], and similarly, the single [] in the GQ of G[]GT[(GGGT).sub.3] did not change the parallel CD spectrum of [(GGGT).sub.4] but made the GQ structure more stable for NMR studies by significantly improving the spectral resolution [328, 329].
Galeone, "Exploring the binding of d(GGGT)4 to the HIV-1 integrase: An approach to investigate G-quadruplex aptamer/target protein interactions," Biochimie, vol.
A highresolution NMR structure from the lab of Anh TMn Phan showing a small 18-amino-acid peptide bound to a synthetic DNA G4 TT(GGGT)x4 (2N21) supports this mode of binding [62].