GGIWGruppe Gesellschaft Im Widerspruch (German: Opposition Group Company)
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The GGIW of survival targets is mainly modified and the specific calculation formula is
In addition, the weight of the jth GGIW component of the subset W is
It can be analyzed that the model probability is updated by using the likelihood function of different models from each GGIW component in the process of updating, namely, introducing the newest measurement information to update the model probability.
In addition, in the clipping and merging of GGIW components, set the GGIW components number maximally as [J.sub.max] = 100, pruning threshold is [] = [10.sup.-5], merging threshold is [U.sub.Tk] = [10.sup.2], and the picked state threshold is [E.sub.Th] = 0.5.