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In total, 44 pulmonary GGNs (pure/mixed: 13/31) were identified in 41 patients (males/females: 12/29; mean age, 59[+ or -]10 years).
All 44 GGNs were successfully localized with Compont[R] medical adhesive.
Following application of screening low-dose CT, an increasing number of GGNs have been found in otherwise healthy patients during routine checkups.
With these strengths, we applied a medical adhesive in the current study for preoperative localization of GGNs. An artificial wound created in the lung by percutaneous puncture was patched by medical adhesive immediately, eventually forming a scar.
In conclusion, our novel technique of using medical adhesive for preoperative localization of pulmonary GGNs has shown a high success and low complication rate.
An optimal puncture access route was designed by measuring the distance from the skin to the target localization point, envisioned as a circle 5-10 mm in diameter, with the GGN at the center (Figs.1a and 2a).