GGPAGeorgia Grant Professionals Association (Atlanta, GA)
GGPAGraduate Grade Point Average (various universities)
GGPAGeorgia Gold Prospectors Association
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Success in a TPP is typically operationalized in predictive validity studies as either first-year GGPA (Ji, 1998), success in student teaching (Andrew et al., 1996; Kosnik, Brown, & Beck, 2005), faculty ratings at the end of programs taking into account multiple factors (Casey & Childs, 2011; Caskey, Peterson, & Temple, 2001), observations of practice teaching (Casey & Childs, 2011), or employment (Smith & Pratt, 1996).
For example, some studies do not find a significant correlation between UGPA and first-year GGPA for Education majors (Ji, 1998) or significant group differences in UGPA between teacher candidates with outstanding versus weak performance in a TPP (Andrew et al., 1996).
(2001) asserted that GRE-Verbal (GRE-V), GRE-Quantitative (GRE-Q) and GRE-Analytical (GRE-A) were valid predictors of GGPA. They collected the data from different studies which focused on the prediction of graduate school performance.
H3: English proficiency score is a predictor of GGPA.
In an effort to measure participant's success during the graduate program, GGPA and number of failed comprehensive exams (out of 6 total) were measured.
UGPA, GGPA, and decision GPA (DGPA) were all recorded from official transcripts.
Hence, in this research, the authors investigate the association between undergraduate GPAs, GMAT scores, and several other explanatory variables, and MPA student performance as measured by graduate GPA (GGPA).
Graham (1991) found an unimpressive relationship between GMAT and GGPA, and recommends additional factors for assessing student potential, such as writing samples, interviews, and work experience.
Gayle and Jones (1973), and Baird (1975) found a significant positive relationship between Graduate Records Examination (GRE) scores and graduate grade point average (GGPA) in graduate students.
For instance Sobol (1984) develops a variable called "scale" that is used along with UGPA and GMAT to forecast graduate grade point average (GGPA) at Southern Methodist University.