GGPPGeranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate
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Nevertheless, proposed method outperforms other methods in terms of face recognition rate and can obtain better result than GGPP and LPQ, which uses phase information.
These growth factors are due to inhibition of GGPP (geranyl-geranyl pyrophosphate), preventing the location of Ras to the plasma membrane and subsequent activation of pathways MEK/ERK (extracellular signal controlled by the kinase) and PI3K/AKT (phosphatidylinositol kinase 3 / protein kinase C).
IPP, GPP, FPP and GGPP are potential substrates for the stepwise addition of IPP by Dds to make the long 50-carbon chain of Co[Q.sub.10].
Ras translocation from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane is dependent on farnesylation by FNT with FPP, whereas translocation of RhoA and Racl is dependent on geranylgeranylation by GGT-1 with GGPP [22].
El primer paso en la ruta de biosintesis del taxol comienza con la ciclizacion de GGPP (geranilgeranil pirofosfato), formando taxa-(4,5), (11,12)-dieno, el primer compuesto en la ruta de biosintesis del taxol que presenta el esqueleto de taxano.
This study demonstrates in airway smooth muscle (ASM) and normal human lung fibroblast cells (NHLF) that proliferation is potently modulated by isoprenoid-dependent signaling, particularly by GGPP. More importantly, data suggest that this pathway can be positively regulated by pharmacologically inducing elevated isoprenoid synthesis.
The reduction in mevalonate pathway intermediates by statins also prevent the synthesis of isoprenoid intermediates, farnesyl pyrophosphate (FPP) and geranyl geranyl pyrophosphate(GGPP).
They are made by the cyclization of geranylgeranyl diphosphate (GGPP) to form the intermediate elisabethatriene, which is in turn converted to a variety of final products (Figure 6).
GGPP linee--up: Nicki Pedersen (Den), Leigh Adams (Aus), Jason Crump (Aus), Tomasz Gollob (Pol), Hans Andersen (Den), Greg Hancock (USA), Rune Holta (Pol), Scott Nicholls (GB), Chris Harris (GB), Andreas Jonsson (Swe), Bjarne Pedersen (Den), Niels-Kristian Iversen (Den), Lukas Dryml (Cz), Krzysztof Kasprzak (Pol), Fredrik Lindgren (Swe).