GGPSGovernment Girls Primary School (Pakistan)
GGPSGlenn Gould Professional School (est. 1997; Royal Conservatory of Music; Canada)
GGPSGreat Grand Parent Stock (livestock breeding)
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Two of the five classrooms at the GGPS Kohlian, where 171 children study, are dangerous, as is the case with the GGPS Dhoke Jhatla where 155 children are enrolled.
There are 221 children enrolled at the GGPS Dhoke Saadu, which has four classrooms of which one is dangerous, and one out of the GGES Pind Votti's 10 classrooms home to 371 students is also dangerous.
PK-44 Abbottabad GGPS Noor Bin Bazar, GGPS Guddy, GGPS Beerwal and GGPS Harian
b) How do headmistress, teachers, administrators, parents and students perceive the effect of use of teaching kit in CMS and GGPS?
On the occasion they handed over the completed building of GGPS Takatak to the school administration.
There is no significant difference between the teachers' performance of CMS and GGPS.
The former chalked up 2-0 victory over GGPS Anjuman-e-Islamia Liaquatabad No 1.
Areeba's two goals guided GGPS No 1 Jut Lane rout GGPS North Nazimabad 2-0.
According to the letter the SDEO inspected GGPS Dallan No-1, GGPS Dallan-2, GGPS Darsamand, GGPS Jamburi Banda, GGPS Ghandi Darsamand No-1, GGPS Sarokhel, GGPS Mehmood Abad, GGPS Dappa Khel, GGPS Gawar Ghundi, GGPS Darshi, GGPS Maroofi Banda, GGPS Zarguri, GGPS Azizabad, GGPS Shna Warai, GGPS Nayaan Banda, GGPS Toot Kas, GGPS Mehboob Banda and GGPS Mamo Banda.
Right to Play representative in GGPS Cantt 1 school said that Nov 20 officials observance of the day, which this year falls on Friday.
9.1 million to the Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF), a Non-Governmental Organization, under the scheme of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP).