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GGSNGateway GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Service Node
GGSNGateway Gprs Support Node
GGSNGeneral Gprs Serving Node
GGSNGateway General Support Node (packet radio service)
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8226;Supports GTP Traffic (GTP User Plane Data) which includes: verification like BERT testing, HTTP traffic generation capability, GGSN can actually be connected to real IP network to simulate Gateway testing
The AGTP resides in the GGSN and it communicates with the existing standard GTP-c module of the EGSN, SGSN and GGSN.
The GGSN needs to be selected by all mobiles that need to use Mobile IP during the packet data protocol (PDP) context establishment phase in UMTS access.
En mayo del 2003 se confirmo el primer ataque de DoS contra un GGSN proveniente de un movil.
The mapping will be done in the GGSN and scheduling policing and multiple queuing mechanisms will be implemented in the UMTS Core Network.
La comunicacion entre SGSN y GGSN se hace exclusivamente en GTP y ningun otro sistema en la red debe utilizarlo o conocer su existencia.
PacketLoad supports user plane packet transmission and reception services between any two nodes (GTP-U protocol entity) in UMTS (SGSN, GGSN, RNC), and LTE (SGW, PDNGW) networks.
Otra responsabilidad del GGSN es la facturacion de servicios al usuario.
Under the agreement Nokia would deploy Nokia MSC Servers, Nokia Media Gateways and Nokia Flexi ISN with service aware GGSN functionality, as well as provide upgrades to existing core network elements in the UK.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Electromechanical Services for GGSN Switch room at 1st floor in T.