GGTSGravity Gradient Test Satellite
GGTSGlobal Grid Telemedicine System
GGTSGolden Gate Tele Systems, Inc. (Milpitas, CA)
GGTSGolden Greek Telescopic Storm (cigarette smoking device)
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Gamma-glutamyl transferases (GGT) (E.C. are a family of highly conserved enzymes occurring in archaebacteria, eubacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, plants, and mammals [1].
subtilis GGT. The GGT ORF was amplified from the genomic DNA of B.
Purification of GGT. IPTG induced cell pellet was suspended in 20 mM sodium phosphate buffer pH 7.0 and 500 mM NaCl (buffer A) containing 20 mM imidazole.
subtilis GGT was passed through the calibrated column and its ve/vo ratio was used to calculate the molecular weight from the calibration curve.
subtilis GGT is expressed as single polypeptide precursor which undergoes posttranslational, intramolecular, and autocatalytic cleavage to produce a heterodimer [17].
The kinetics of GGT catalysed hydrolysis was studied with [gamma]-glutamyl-(3-carboxyl)-4-nitroaniline as the substrate.
subtilis GGT were collected in both far and near UV regions using samples present in pH 7.0 and 11.0 buffers.
subtilis GGT catalysed hydrolytic reactions in pH 7.5 and 11.0 are more or less thermodynamically similar, except for a small improvement in [DELTA][G.sup.[double dagger]] at pH 11.0.
Other researchers had previously proposed that a serum GGT level above the upper limit of normal--that is, greater than 62 U/L--might be useful as a screening tool for detection of diagnosable alcohol disorders, but the lab test proved too unreliable for this purpose.
She and her colleagues had previously noted anecdotally that a high-normal GGT seemed to be associated with hazardous use of alcohol.
Analysts said Omnicom had bought GGT Group on the cheap and some had expected an offer of about 22Op.
GGT said the deal represented a premium of 53 per cent over the closing middle market price of the company on January 23, the last dealing day before an approach was made.