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GGWGirls Gone Wild
GGWGprs Gateway
GGWGrid Gateway
GGWGuys Gone Wild
GGWGlascow (Amtrak station code; Glascow, MT)
GGWGesellschaft für Geowissenschaften
GGWGlasgow, MT, USA (Airport Code)
GGWGroep Geleide Wapens (Royal Netherlands Air Force Missile Group)
GGWGeeks Gone Wild
GGWGreen Games Watch
GGWGong Glass Works (Rochester, NY; est. 1979)
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The parameters of the proposed methods were [phi] = 2, [W.sub.[theta]] = 16, [W.sub.[delta]] = 8, F = 16, p = 2, m = 2, whilst GGW, GE1, and GE2 methods used [sigma] = 3, m = 2.
It's no surprise that the mastermind behind the "Girls Gone Wild" (GGW) empire is a bit of a wild man himself.
To cite just three examples: Mall is facing a little local difficulty with the Tuareg struggle for autonomy, compounded by an Al-Qaeda insurgency that also involves neighbounng Niger; northern Nigeria has the seemingly unending problem of the fundamentalist-inspired Boko Haram to deal with; and then there's the matter of the Sudanese region of Dharfur (also, incidentally, involving that country's neighbour, Chad), through which the GGW is scheduled to pass.
GGW made its name in the early 2000s with videos featuring college-age girls drinking, exposing themselves and/or having sex, usually at parties, clubs and events.
This year, G2E Asia is excited to host Asia's first Global Gaming Women (GGW) event, a networking breakfast and speed mentoring event for women executives from across the international gaming industry.
The Great Green Wall (GGW), which would involve planting a 9.3-mile-wide and 4,831-mile-long wall of trees from Senegal to Djibouti, was endorsed in February by a swath of African states.
GGW is known for trolling beaches, colleges and clubs frequented by young women and videotaping their (usually inebriated) targets exposing themselves-in exchange for a cap or a t-shirt.
Clayton Airport (OLF); Wokal Field (GGW); Havre City County Airport (HVR); and Lewiston Municipal Airport (LWT).
Adams GGW, Sloper JJ 2003 Update on squint and amblyopia Journal of the Royal Society Medicine 96 3-6