GH1Growth Hormone 1
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The portion of the GH-1 gene analyzed for SNPs was aligned with the paralogues of the GH gene family and most of the variations sites that exist in the GH1 sequence differ from that of the paralogue genes.
Soil samples were collected in December 2013 (GH2) and December 2014 (GH1).
CRH, meanwhile, regulates TNF expression (57), BDNF expression (58), and GH1 release (59).
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Synergistic and threshold effects of GH1 and GHR promoter size variation on body growth and fat accrual in young Nelore (Bos indicus) bulls.
In GH1, 10 gm of colonised millet was incorporated into each pot whilst GH2 and GH3 had just 1 gm millet seed (~16 millet seeds) added to each pot.
A "typical" clinical picture of the GH1 in a child includes severe proportional short stature, decreased height velocity, delayed bone age, delayed puberty, a high-pitched voice and overcrowded teeth.
Return fares from Dubai to Sana'a start at Gh1,180 ($322), while return fares from Sana'a to Dubai start at $357 (Dh1310).
AC1 Air-conditioning @ SEER of 14 GH1 Furnace w/ ECM @ 90% AFUE GH2 DHW Heater @ 85% AFUE GH3 DHW Heater @90% AFUE
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