GH2Guitar Hero 2 (video game)
GH2Gaseous Hydrogen
GH2Growth Hormone 2 (genetics)
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Soil samples were collected in December 2013 (GH2) and December 2014 (GH1).
For instance, Prevottella albensis was predicted to bear both cellulases and hemicellulases when this bacteria was predicted to possess both cellulase domains GH3-FN3, GH9Ig and hemicellulase domains GH10, GH2, GH30, GH43CBM13, GH43-CBM6, GH97.
An independent, licensed contractor within the North American Bomanite network, Foster worked with GH2 and YMCA of Tulsa leadership during design to propose products, colors, and finishes that would work well with the architecture and interiors.
Russet Burbank variants in glasshouse (GH1--2010; GH2 and GH3--2011) trials.
The GH2 differs from the standard youth model in having an upgraded stock.
The monomer folds into five domains in a pattern conserved with the prokaryote enzymes of the GH2 family, although two long insertions in domains 2 and 3 are unique and related to oligomerization and specificity.
The GH3 is a replacement for Panasonic's super-popular GH2, and is similar in size to one of Canon's entry level cameras (such as the Rebel/T5i).
renewable energy transmission, storage, PO Box 20993 and integration: gaseous hydrogen (GH2) Juneau, AK 99802 and liquid anhydrous ammonia C-free Phone: 907-586-1426 fuels.
Growth hormone 2 (GH2) and the first internal transcribed spacer region (ITS1) of the ribosomal DNA were also used to distinguish between 'bull trout and Dolly Varden.
"Musgo," says Baxter, is a psychological horror-thriller skillfully shot on the Panasonic GH2 digital single-lens reflex camera on a budget of E3,500 ($4,615).
All the features and capabilities of the GH2 camera are covered in detail in chapters that move from basic camera operations to more advanced features.
The Panasonic Lumix GH2; the unofficial quintessential guide.