GH5Guitar Hero 5 (video game)
GH5Globular Domain of H5
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Consumer electronics vendor, Panasonic has launched a digital single lens mirrorless camera Lumix GH5S with expanded video recording capability and enhanced image quality in low light.
Ninja Inferno is the perfect match for the Panasonic GH5 and other 4K 60 capable HDMI equipped cameras.
The first common observed feature, based on module analysis is that most of the encoded products of cloned cellulase genes belonged to GH5 family, followed by GH9.
A 4.7-liter in-line four-cylinder diesel engine with an intercooled turbocharger (GH5, LTD Trucks), capable of generating a maximum power output of 158 kW at 2500 rpm and a maximum torque of 628 Nm at 1400 rpm, was fitted with the electric supercharger and studied in terms of its full-load characteristics.
Total bank assets in 2012 were GH427.2bn, an increase of GH5.2bn (13.03%) from 2011 - GHC22.1bn.
Last year only13 d ids o,a lthoughanimperious Alexander Noren scooted to2 0underparthrou gh5 4ho les.T here are fivep ar-fives(the first,n inth,12th,13thand15th) which comprise2,950 yards oft he layout(t woo fthemmeasuremo re than600 y ardso ntheir own).
0.50 j0.88 18 gh5.80 d1.13 1.40 16 gi2.40 d1.10 1.12 7 hi0.82 0.96 j0.78 58 H15.0 0.92 1.04 OSB16 18 49.8 0.29 0.49 16 z8.65 0.85 b1.08 17 a1.27 w1.16 b1.19 9 za2.19 w1.12 0.90 60 H15.5 0.86 0.92 Particleboard (eastern redcedar) RCPB1 25 12.7 0.53 0.89 25 5.50 0.73 1.07 50 9.08 0.63 0.98 RCPB3 15 23.6 0.34 0.78 25 7.73 0.71 q1.34 25 p1.20 n1.12 q1.63 30 p0.79 n1.13 1.41 50 4.47 0.91 1.48 Bagasse particleboard (sugar cane) BAPB5 12 e2.67 c0.81 f0.87 20 e2.66 c0.81 f0.86 32 2.66 0.81 0.87 BAPB8 16 5.87 0.66 j0.82 8 3.22 0.76 j0.81 24 4.55 0.71 0.81 ANOVA pairwise comparisons (p.c.) of ND's within panel type and also main effects (m.e.) between panel groups** (F[1,110] for OSB, F[1,139] for RCPB, and F[1,52] for BAPB): a,b,c,...
PCR reactions were performed in a total volume of 50 [micro]L, using 2 [micro]L of template DNA, 5 [micro]L of 1 Ox PCR buffer (Bethesda Research Labs, Bethesda, MD), 5 [micro]L 2mm dNTP, 1.5 [micro]L 50 mM Mg[Cl.sub.2], 1 [micro]L 25 pmol/[micro]L primers GH5 (5'-AGCCTGGATGACAATGACTC-3') and GH6 (5'TACAGAGTGCAGTTGGCCT-3') (25), 34.25 [micro]L of &ionized water, and 0.25 [micro]L of 5 U/[micro]L Taq DNA polymerase (Bethesda Research Labs).
A first-order basin in the headwaters of the tussock grassland catchment, GH5, was investigated to determine movement of water on slopes (Fahey et al.
The Lumix GH5, G9, and GH5S high-end Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras that Panasonic has steadily released since 2017 have already gained a solid reputation among professionals and high-level amateurs across the world for the quality of their pictures and ability to capture the vitality and beauty of life, it stated.