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The Recipient argument can be preceded by lil as in (la), in addition to which 'buy' permits the Recipient to be marked with ghal illustrated in (1b).
IN THE PICTURE: Tom Kalyan, Tony Dattani, Jagu Ghal, Gulab Mistry, Gita Mistry and day centre co-ordinator Ranjan Manek with the new television.
(A sieve shows a kind of solidity but it doesn't hold water--"tumsiku l'ma'a.") To call a woman a ghal evokes a more threatening ghayn-initiated word, though it is today an insult of a different kind that it was in Ka`b's time.
The tales in his other collection, Stejjer ghal Qabel Jidlam (Stories to Be Read Before Nightfall; 1986),(6) present a series of portraits quite independent of one another but sharing a good many features.
Owned by: Abdullah Mohamed Al Kuwari Sons 8th race: Ladyanne (Gerald Avranche) 1, My Sharona 2, Secret Destination 3, Ghal 4.
* Completion of doubling work on Tabouk- Haql Road and Qasari Center Road; alternative Haql-Al Durrah double road; Al Kharar-Al Sadeed-Al Mabkhour-Kharba- Jaida Raod, Ain Al Akhdar Road and Al Ghal Road for a total length of 107 kilometers at a cost of SR 298.88 million.
As per details, a Mazda van was heading towards Irja from Hadi Ghal when the driver of the vehicle lost control over the steering due to break failure.
Storie per una sera (Stories for an Evening) is a translation of twelve of the twenty-five short stories found in Stejjer ghal Qabel Jidlam (Stories to Be Read Before It Grows Dark; 1986), which has also been translated into English by Spencer Levy as Koranta and Other Short Stories from Malta, containing all twenty-five selections found in the original.