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GHBR researchers met with the pediatric psychosocial team, which was composed of two nurses, two attending pediatricians, the attending psychiatrist, two psychiatry residents, two child life specialists, a social worker (third author), a social work intern, and several residents from the Pediatric Unit and PICU.
The second author had previously implemented a version of GHBR in community settings (e.g., homeless shelters, community centers, psychoeducational groups) and recommended creating a version for the hospital setting.
As the protocol was finalized, several barriers prevented GHBR from being piloted in the NICU.
The creation of GHBR was a response to a multidisciplinary collaboration between nurses, family life staff, psychologists, and neonatal research specialists.
A participatory action research (PAR) approach was used to develop the concept and protocol for implementing GHBR in a hospital setting.
GHBR can provide the child with daily, uninterrupted time with his or her parent, focused on touch and comfort.
This article provides a description of the Gentle Hair Brushing Routine (GHBR), a therapeutic intervention that clearly outlines how parents can participate in comforting their hospitalized child in a predictable way.
GHBR for Hospitalized Children is one approach parents can use to participate in caring for the affective needs of their hospitalized child.
Keisha, the mother of a 2-month-old boy in the PICU, was very interested in learning the GHBR technique.
When Shanequa reported she wanted to participate in the project with her 17-year-old son with dreadlocks (a hairstyle that does not use brushing in styling), GHBR Educators were not exactly sure how to proceed.
Before even entering the room, the GHBR Educators heard 2-year-old Oscar repeatedly stating, "No, no, no, I don't want to, I don't want to." Although the Educators were hesitant to approach a mother with a child in mid-tantrum, confidence in the program pushed them forward.
The following vignettes illustrate the five major themes of participants' experiences in the pilot GHBR project.