GHDSGreater Houston Dental Society
GHDSGeneral Hybrid DRAM/SRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory/Static Random Access Memory)
GHDSGastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Dual Scintigraphy (gastroenterology)
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"Police came in last week to advise us to remove all GHDs from the shop as they were targeting small businesses within the area again.
However, if straigh reducing n you were investing in a new straightener anyway, this damagereducing newbie would be my choice.' CURLING 'This is where the platinum+ edges it over past ghds. I'm wowed by how effortless it is to twist and glide the plates through my hair, and every curl just seems to "take" first time.
The results were weighted with the available sample weight factor within the GHDS data in order to reduce sampling bias.
USE THE CONTINENTAL PLUG HIDDEN IN YOUR GHD STRAIGHTENERS Did you know that if you unscrew the plug on GHDs straighteners there's a continental plug inside that unclips?
SILV ILV IL IKRIN'S new Heat Styling range protects tresses from temperatures of up to 230 degrees - we're looking at you, GHDs - but the prices won't make you hot under the collar.
We had to find a particular present for her Mum (GHDs if you must know, hair straighteners - it stands for 'Good Hair Day' apparently), and it was proving to be a tough task.
up I could hold auditions for applicants to demonstrate exactly how they will deliberately achieve the unattractive slight wave in the front of their hair that usually only comes from not having time for a quick once over with the GHDs before work.
A state-specific index of -good health days" (GHDs) was calculated by subtracting the sum of a respondent's "not good" physical health days and "not good" mental health days from 30 days, provided the number of GHDs was not less than zero (6).(*) GHDs represented the days during the previous 30 days for which a respondent did not report any physical or psychological dysfunction.
Greater Hudson Bank (OTC: GHDS), with assets of USD528.5m, has reported net income of USD810,000, or USD0.07 per common share, for the third quarter of 2018 compared to net income of USD1.092m, or USD0.09 per common share, for the 2017 third quarter.
Eating crusts will make your hair curly (34%) This will be brilliant until they're 14 and you find out how much GHDs cost.
It should be about hair that curls annoyingly in the rain rather than hair that is poker straight thanks to mum's GHDs.