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For example, Gheg was only used in movies in communist Albania "to typecast 'bad guys,' reactionaries, traitors," according to Migjen Kelmendi, a Kosovar rock musician and author who was the first to publicly break the taboo of using Gheg in the media just before the 1999 war.
Prominent among these politicians stood Ahmed Zogu, chieftain of a Gheg clan in the Mati valley in north central Albania.
[[with].sub.relator] possessum] Albanian (Gheg) me, Albanian (Tosk) me, Alsatian mit, Asturian con, Bulgarian s, Croatian sa, Czech s, Danish med, Dutch met, Estonian -ga, Faroese vid, Frisian mei, Friulan cun, German mit, Greek me, Icelandic med, Kurdish bi, Ladinian (Gerdeina) cun, Latvian ar, Letzebuergesh mat, Limburgian (North) met, Limburgian (South) mit, Lithuanian su, Macedonian so, Malti bi, Moldavian cu, Norwegian med, Rumanian cu, Sardinian chin, Swedish med, Serbian s, Slovak s, Surselvian cun, Ukranian z, Vallader cun, Yiddish mit
Third, the Albanian language has traditionally been divided into two major dialects, Gheg Albanian and Tosk Albanian.