GHESGold Hill Elementary School (South Carolina)
GHESGiant Hatte Einen Superstar (German bike forum)
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The building employs GHEs as the sink for a water-to-water heat pump.
Since the operation of the URs and GSHP involves complex, transient, three-dimensional (3D) transport phenomena and extreme geometrical aspect ratios, 3D numerical models of URs and GHEs were independently developed and validated.
To study the underground heat transfer for GHEs, the semianalytical and numerical method are always preferred [8-22].
However, when the broad extent of GHEs is considered across the span of the range of military operations, it is hard to deny that DOD efforts have enormous humanitarian impact.
The assets include a facility agreement between GHES, as borrower, and BoC -- Romania Branch, as lender, 1,474,482 shares issued by GHES to an affiliate of the bank representing 35.3 per cent of GHES' share capital, and a subordinated loan agreement between GHES, as borrower, and an affiliate of the bank, as lender.
(2008) and Desmedt and Van Bael (2010) presented the results from a feasibility study to the implementation phase of vertical ground heat exchangers (GHEs) in combination with a GSHP for a Belgian office building.
Si daca printi din largul zarii Sedeau la capatul cararii Si-i trimiteau bezele-ades, Ei inima nu i-a dat ghes Decat cand si-a gasit ales Mai acatarii.
each day), his repetition of the same sentence over and over (his personal secretary Noah Deitrich counted 33 consecutive repetitions of the same instructions during one phone conversation) perform the rapidly, recursively diminishing referentiality of globality (in the El Rancho event, Hu ghes literally remaining, "geosynchronously," in the same antiplace, ghosting movement itself).
The Dutch striker has been hugely disappointing since his free transfer from Osasuna in the summer, but just when Albion were clinging on for dear life De Freitas set up Shaun Murphy's opener and then gave the Barnsley defence a torrid time before Lee Hu ghes netted his 27th goal of the season.
It was quite clear David Beckham hadn't learnt his lesson from St Etienne last month, when he lashed out at Arsenal's Stephen Hu ghes in a far worse manner than the lazy kick that sent Argentina's Diego Simone to the floor in June.