GHFGlobal Heritage Fund (cultural preservation organization)
GHFGuide Horse Foundation
GHFGradient Heating Furnace (Japanese Experiment Module in ISS)
GHFGalveston Historical Foundation (Texas)
GHFGlass Half Full
GHFGrowth Hormone Factor
GHFGlycosyl Hydrolase Family
GHFGlobal Health & Fitness
GHFGlobal Health Foundation
GHFGamers Having Fun (gaming clan)
GHFGesellschaft für Handel und Finanz mbH (German: Society for Trade and Finance Ltd.; financing and investment company)
GHFGlobal Housing Foundation (New York, NY)
GHFGo Head First
GHFGifted Homeschoolers Forum (San Jose, CA)
GHFGeorgia Healthy Families
GHFGöteborgs Herpetologiska Förening (Sweden)
GHFGreater Harrisburg Foundation (Harrisburg, PA)
GHFGlobal Hapkido Federation (martial-arts)
GHFGlobal Historical Fields
GHFGungHo-Fighters (gaming community)
GHFGreat House Fliggerty (fan fiction website)
GHFGaming Hall of Fame
GHFGeneric Header Format
GHFGrandma Hammans Formula
GHFGrey Hound Fund
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Yatin Pandya, an Ahmedabad-based award-winning architect and academic who has surveyed and evaluated several wells for GHF, acknowledges Sevadas' complex peculiarities and architectural significance.
Kimberly Jacobs, co-founder of GHF and mother of Gabriel says, "My 12 year son, Gabriel Michael Jacobs, passed away in April 2015 unexpectedly and suddenly from a left Anomalous Coronary Artery.
The VARICON+ metal detection system can be specified in two versions, either with the standard GLS detection coil, or with the new C-SCAN GHF detection coil, offering three frequencies and enhanced detection capability as standard.
Our biggest thing that we care about is getting the conservation science right," said GHF director Jeff Morgan.
It's incredible," CNN quoted Jeff Morgan of GHF as saying.
Yet it is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time," former United Nations Secretary General and president of the GHF Kofi Annan said in a statement today.
Climate change is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time, causing suffering to hundreds of millions of people worldwide," said Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general and GHF president, in a statement.
The taxman is owed pounds 185,000 and GHF also has outstanding debts with BT, EDF Energy, E-on Energy and its stationery suppliers.
From this study, it appears that on the day of admission more than one-sixth of patients exhibited GHF (16/89, 17.
Ali Lamsouber, General Manager of Royal Ranches MarrakeCh and Royal Resort Cap Malabata said, "Morocco is the perfect location for this landmark GHF project.
Gardner GHF, Downie J, Kendall HA (1962) Gravity segregation of miscible fluids in linear models.
IN response to GHF, of West Denton, who is said to be 77 years old and talks about fighting in the war ( he would have been 15 when the Second World War ended, or maybe he meant the Korean War.