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GHGGreenhouse Gas
GHGGrey Healthcare Group (Mumbai, India)
GHGGo Habs Go (Montreal Canadiens cheer)
GHGGorman Health Group (managed care consulting)
GHGGenesis Housing Group (London, England, UK)
GHGGarrett Hotel Group (Burlington, VT)
GHGGovernor's Horse Guard (various locations)
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The GREET model then calculates the GHG emissions associated with vehicle production, assembly and disposal, which is often referred to as vehicle cycle, in addition to the GHG emissions associated with vehicle fuel production and consumption, which is often referred to as fuel cycle or well-to-wheels (WTW).
The Transaction is expected to be earnings accretive to GHG from day one.
GHG chief executive and director Aqeel Raees said the deal meant that GHG and BTC could jointly capitalise on operational synergies, and maximise economies of scale in all areas.
The audit found that DCAS did not implement the City's GHG emissions-reduction goals and measures by failing to translate these into agency-level goals.
Similar trends are observed for manure management, which includes manure left on pasture and manure applied to soils which together account for around a quarter of all GHG emissions from agriculture.
Consideration of controls over the capture, calculation, and accumulation of nonfinancial measures, including GHG emissions information, will be an integral part of a sustainability or GHG assurance engagement.
The final rule affirms that new facilities with GHG emissions of at least 100,000 tons per year (tpy) carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) will continue to be required to obtain Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSI)) permits.
Pankaj Bhatia, Director, GHG Protocol, WRI said, "The GHG Protocol standards allow Indian companies to identify and target new market opportunities for low carbon business models and products.
Also, an interactive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions map allows users to view and sort GHG data for calendar year 2010 from more than 6,700 facilities in a variety of ways, including by state, county, facility, industrial sector and the type of GHG emitted.
Since 1990, GHG emissions have grown at an average annual rate of 0.
Tokyo, Aug 17, 2010 - (JCN) - Marubeni Corporation has signed a General Collaboration Agreement with Cargill to promote collaboration in various GHG (Green House Gas) emission reduction projects that contribute to climate change mitigation.
Last year, we committed to reducing GHG emissions from our uncoated recycled papermills in the United States and Canada by approximately 15 percent by 2013.