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For example, children residing in GHH, who might have otherwise been placed in state care, are often able to maintain connections with birth parents and cultural and ethnic traditions (Koh & Testa, 2008).
Importantly, GHH preferences imply that labor supply is solely a function of the real wage, and in particular, there are no wealth effects on labor supply.
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Section 2 presents the model, including an extension with Greenwood-Hercowitz-Huffman (GHH) preferences that suppresses the wealth effect of remittances.
El graffiti Hip hop (GHH) es heredero de una antiquisima accion humana: la escritura mural o graffiti y, segun Gari (1995) que retoma a Baudrillard (1974), puede corresponder a dos tipos o modelos:
Kenneth Frazier, currently executive vice president and president of Global Human Health (GHH), will lead the new GHH organization, which will include the prescription, vaccines and biologics businesses.
As pointed out by Correia, Neves, and Rebelo (1995), the ability of this class of models to mimic key international indicators of a small open economy depends crucially on adopting the period utility function, postulated by Greenwood, Hercowitz, and Huffman (GHH) (1988), whereby there is no income effect associated with the household's labor supply decision and the representative household's intertemporal elasticity of substitution in hours worked (or leisure) is zero.
The fact that SOE models with GHH preferences can obtain a negative correlation (-0.89 for Canada in Letendre, 2004, CJE), while a standard preference model yields a procyclical trade balance, is indicative that the wealth effect, equal to zero in the GHH preferences, plays a crucial role in determining business cycle dynamics in a SOE model and should be further examined.