GHHIGöteborgs Holistiska Hälso-Inst (Swedish: Gothenburg Holistic Health Department; Gothenburg, Sweden)
GHHIGlobal Hemispheric Hypoxic Ischemia (pharmacology)
GHHIGolden Health Holdings, Inc.
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The authors correlated account fees, the minimum account sizes required to avoid fees (fee thresholds), and interest rates paid on deposits with the "generalized HHI" (GHHI), a metric similar to MHHI.
These indices are called generalized HHI or GHHI. The GHHI recognizes traditional own-market concentration and extends the analysis to consider cross-market concentrations involving markets for different seed types.
GHHI strives to foster high-quality, evidence-based models that efficiently connect funding to meaningful health, economic, and social outcomes in order to advance health equity for people in low-income communities.