GHLGlobal Health Library (World Health Organization; Switzerland)
GHLGuardian Holdings Limited (Trinidad and Tobago)
GHLGuideline Harvest Level (commercial fishing)
GHLGreenland Halibut
GHLGrowth Hormone-Like (gene)
GHLGeneral Hunting License (Pennsylvania Game Commission; State Wildlife Management Agency; Pennsylvania)
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The entrance would be in Basnett Street in the glass block linking the two older GHL buildings.
In this study, we first injected the amphioxus with recombinant GHl to test if GHl plays an osmoregulatory role as vertebrate GH does.
But Pakistan can plead its case in another way, asking the world hockey governing body to name the GHL as GHL Champions Trophy or Global Champions Trophy League to recognize Pakistan's services," Mansoor told media.
Fraud Wall, a solution developed by Jewel provides GHL with advanced capabilities to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions at the merchant level.
Established in 2006, GHL, headquartered in Accra, has a primary focus on the Ghanaian residential home buyer, offering mortgages for first time buyers, as well as buy to let, equity release, refinance and home completion products.
GHL grubunda, ortalama lens kullanim suresi 36,1 [+ or -] 15,5 ay (14-60), SHL grubunda, ortalama lens kullanim suresi 29,0 [+ or -] 12,9 (12-60) ay idi.
Hepner, who had been a corporate banking executive with Wachovia Bank (now part of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) for 25 years, among others, is presently a principal investor in GHL Llc, a private real estate investment partnership.
Apos a inducao da hipovolemia, administraram-se injecoes IV de NaCl a 7,5%e na dose de 4ml [kg.sup.-1] no GHL (grupo hipertonica cetamina levogira) e GHR (grupo hipertonica cetamina racemica) ou solucao de HES 130/ 0,4 (f) na proporcao de 1:1, em relacao ao volume de sangue retirado de cada animal, associada a NaCl 7,5% na dose de 4ml.[kg.sup.-1] no GHCL (grupo hipertonica coloide cetamina levogira) e GHCR (grupo hipertonica coloide cetamina racemica).
Peter Tierney was speaking as he unveiled detailed plans for the George Henry Lee (GHL) building he believes can become an exciting new home for his business.
Griffon Hovercraft USA is the exclusive agent of Griffon Hovercraft Limited (GHL), Southhampton, Great Britain.