GHOWGenerations House of Worship (Natrona Heights, PA)
GHOWGreat Horned Owl (bird species Bubo virginianus)
GHOWGisborne House of Wine (New Zealand)
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In total, 71 RTHA, 54 EASO, 31 COHA, 30 GHOW, 28 BADO, 16 BAEA, and 12 BWHA were selected.
There were no significant differences in time spent in captivity, with the exception that COHA (mean [SD], 17 [+ or -] 36 days) were in captivity a significantly shorter period than GHOW (mean [SD], 45 [+ or -] 37 days) (P = .04).
The WBC count was significantly lower in EASO than in GHOW (P = .04), whereas heterophils were significantly lower in EASO and BADO than in GHOW (P = .003).
Whereas, RTHA and GHOW reference values from birds in a rehabilitation setting in this study were similar to previously reported values, BAEA and COHA reference values differed, likely because of the stress of rehabilitation.
Similarly, results from GHOW in this study are similar to ranges previously reported.
From these data, there appears to be no biologically significant differences in hematologic values between RTHA and GHOW from a rehabilitation setting when compared with free-ranging or permanently captive birds, which suggests that these species are not greatly affected by the stress of rehabilitation near the time of release.
Cause Overall RTHA EASO COHA GHOW BADO BAEA BWHA Impact 62 60 72 80 17 83 0 67 trauma Orphaned 9 3 2 0 39 9 0 33 Entrapment 12 5 18 15 22 4 0 0 Predation 3 0 8 5 0 0 0 0 Gunshot 5 16 0 0 0 4 50 0 Other 9 16 0 0 22 0 50 0 Abbreviations: RTHA indicates red-tailed hawks; EASO, Eastern screech owls; COHA, Cooper's hawks; GHOW, great-horned owls; BADO, barred owls; BAEA, bald eagles; BWHA, broad-winged hawks.
Thus while the Japanese government proclaims that gMedical care is a growth industryh all that local governments can think of is gHow are we going to keep medical costs down as the super-aging society draws nearh Indeed nurturing medical care as a growth industry without damaging public finances imposes a serious dilemma.
I wanted to meet with Giles only to see what kind of person he was not to talk about our specific business affairs such as gwhat I want to sellh or ghow much I want to sellh etc.
Razak Rashid Ghows. "Pemuda, Wanita UMNO perlu lebih agresif" [UMNO Youth and Women needs to be more aggressive], Berita Harian, 10 July 2013.
Doran, Ian Wei-Liang Ghows, Kelsey Mary Gurrola, Mary Lindsey Huggins, Catolyn Jones, Stephanie J.