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GHRFGrowth Hormone-Releasing Factor
GHRFGlobal Health Research Foundation (Los Altos, CA)
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Before I entered residency, I knew that they had other international experiences available as part of the internal medicine residency, but it happened that the GHRF was available and open for applications at the perfect time for me.
To test the ability of GHRF to competitively inhibit the binding of [.sup.14]C-ATR, we simultaneously added both GHRF and [.sup.14]C-ATR to pituitary cells (in a total volume of 20 [micro]L for both compounds per 500 [micro]L cell culture).
Entre estos sistemas estan: los neurotransmisores y los neuropeptidos, como el factor liberador de corticotrofina (CRF), la hormona liberadora de tirotrofina (TRH), la somatostatina y el factor liberador de la hormona de crecimiento (GHRF).