GHRHRGrowth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Receptor
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We determined protein levels of GH, LH, PRL, and the GHRHR in the AtT-20 mouse pituitary tumor cell line [American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), Manassas, VA].
Rabbit anti-human GHRHR antibodies were purchased from Abeam (Cambridge, MA).
To determine whether ATR effects are mediated through the GHRHR, we used rat GHRF, a 43-amino acid peptide that binds specifically to GHRHR (Bloch et al.
Protein levels of GH, LH, PRL, and GHRHR in ATR-treated pituitary cell culture.
Previous studies on GHRHR binding have evaluated displacement of radiolabeled ligands at concentrations ranging from 30 to 80 [micro]g protein/mL (or 0.
Dex stimulates the expression of the GH gene by increasing expression of the GHRHR gene in pituitary cells through down-regulation of somatostatin receptor-mediated inhibition of the GHRH protein (Tamaki et al.