GHRP-2Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2
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Lopez-Calderon, "Anti-inflammatory effect of the ghrelin agonist growth hormone-releasing peptide-2 (GHRP-2) in arthritic rats," American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol.
GHRH is the secretagogue with the influence of other chemical messengers, e.g., metakenphalin analogues, GHRP-2, eicosanoids, or prostaglandins.
The most effective GHRP has been identified as GHRP-2. (5-10) Of great interest is the ability to use GHRP-2 in a non-invasive manner by oral or intranasal routes.
(21), (22) The amino acid L-arginine--and other amino acids used in combination--promote GHRH-stimulated GH release, (23) and amino acids have been used as secretagogues in several dietary supplements, but their effects may not be as potent or predictable as the use of a GHRP, such as GHRP-2. (23), (24) Exercise can have major effects on blood GH levels, and anaerobic exercise promotes GH secretion.
The other categories of testing may utilize GH-releasing peptides (GHRP-2), infusions of arginine, administration of L-Dopa, sleep, vigorous exercise, or clonidine administration.
It appears that intermittent secretion of somatostatin exerts major inhibitory effects on the output of HGH, and even the diagnostic accuracy of provocative testing with GHRH peptides (GHRP-2) is perceived to be inconsistent in its results.
The most recent innovations in the use of dietary supplements to stimulate GH secretion involve the use of GHRP, most notably GHRP-2. A deficiency of GHRP peptides is one of several factors that have been implicated in the reduction of GH secretion that has been documented in elderly individuals.
A large body of evidence has accrued that GHRP-2 is a highly effective way of increasing GH levels in many individuals.
(23) Furthermore, the administration of GHRP-2 in combination with GHRP or L-arginine can result in substantial increases in GH levels.
It is noted that GHRPs have greater GH-releasing actions than GHRP, and GHRP-2 can be administered by oral or intranasal routes with evidence of GH-releasing actions of a significant magnitude.
There is no doubt whatsoever that oral GHRP-2 can be expected to be effective in releasing growth hormone in humans, with some degree of variable response.