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Now the GHSU Adrenal Center is moving forward with studies to find why women with adrenal tumors have more of the mutated gene, however Rainey suspects it's estrogen-related.
One of the many goals of the GHSU Adrenal Center is to better define genes, which can result in whole families being effected.
Patients who typically come to the GHSU Adrenal Center present with unexplained hypertension that isn't responding to traditional therapy.
This demand increased when GHSU became the first public health sciences university to roll out a customized mobile application suite.
Since we have a small campus, we did not feel the need to place a map with our location on it, especially since the campus GHSU application suite already had a campus map.
GHSU scientists are targeting the natural defense mechanisms by packaging a piece of an antibody against one of them with folate, which has easy access to most cells, particularly cancer cells.
Alvin Head, Chairman of GHSU's Department of Anesthesiology.
The findings get scientists closer to understanding why red blood cells sickle and potentially to an easy-to-use, non-addictive treatment that helps avoid it, said Tohru Ikuta, GHSU molecular hematologist.
Norman Pollock, GHSU bone biologist and corresponding author of the study.
Wikesjo, Interim Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise in the GHSU College of Dental Medicine.
In animal studies, he and his team at the GHSU Laboratory for Applied Periodontal and Craniofacial Regeneration found that implanting bone morphogenetic protein in the sinus more new bone will form within four weeks than using conventional bone grafting at the same site.
Tsien, Co-Director of GHSU's Brain and Behavior Discovery Institute.