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GHUGas Operated Hydraulic Unit
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In the words of GHU's founder, Alex Hedge, Ghost Hunters United was created to provide mutual support and professional guidance to ghost hunters, from ghost hunters.
Additionally, Alex Hedge emphasizes that GHU is free access, 24/7, to assist people who are in need of a ghost hunter's help, especially if they are in need of a ghost investigation.
Genoil also owns several patents related to the GHU, its water purification, Crystal oil and water separator, well testing, sand cleaning technologies, and environmental remediation technologies.
Meaning Romani Dardic MIA OIA armpit khak khacal (32) kakkha- kaksa kaccha smell khand ghond (33) gandha- gandha sreanant khabni hnbi (34) gabbhini- garbhini to weave khuvel ghum (35) gu(b)hai guphati gumphati tongue chib zhip (36) jibbha- jihva month chon jhun (37) jonha- jyotsna moon chomut and thaj the (38) *tahavi tathapi (molar), beard thar d'ari (39) datha- damstra dhai (40) dhari (41) wing phak phasi el (42) pakkha- paksa phacali (43) (<*pach) 'phaci (44) phakhru (45) to bind phandel bhonik (46) bandhati bandhati to ask phucel phucik (47) pucchati prcchati Note: Romani khul 'excrement' is < OIA gatha- 'excrement' (4225) and there are a few NIA cases with fronting as in Lahnda ghu and Oriya ghua both 'excrement'.
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