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GI JOEGlobal Integrated Joint Operating Entity (also known as G.I. Joe)
GI JOEGlobal Integrated Joint Operating Entity (GI Joe movie)
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I liked the first movie, but it wasn't really my GI Joe experience," he adds.
Inspiration for the idea came from the traditional toy soldier theme, plus fathers' and grandfathers' memories of two world wars and Korea, together with the popularity of 1950s film The Story of GI Joe starring Burgess Meredith and Robert Mitchum.
Now Colonel Paige is gone, and I hear the toy GI Joe is too; no longer a Marine, but some kind of smooth international operator, like a James Bond with combat boots.
GI Joe careens through its set-pieces at a brisk pace, quickly establishing the romantic past of Duke and The Baroness in flashback, though not in enough gooey detail to gross out the target teenage audience.
On the surface, there appears to be sexual equality in GI Joe, as the women can fight as well as the men.
Commemorating the 60th anniversary of World War II and honoring all currently serving Soldiers, the displays also depict a scene of GI Joe at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery to remind viewers of all those who have died in combat.
TIME OFF has got four GI Joe Night Attack Choppers worth around pounds 30 each to give away - just tell us for which political party Ann Widdecombe is an MP.
In the highly commercialized lead-up to Easter, GI Joe and his buddies seemed to have shot the Easter Bunny right out of baskets in some U.
The 11-inch toy soldier, sold in the US as GI Joe, was a present for Judy's seven- year-old grandson George and was still in its box.
Two Massachusetts researchers made a study of boys' action figures, comparing the waist, chest, and biceps dimensions of vintage toys, like GI Joe from the 1960s, with current-day models of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Batman, and Superman.