GI1Glycogen Initiator 1
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"Adolescents are required to show the same documents as everyone else: certificate of residence or proof of address, personal identification card, and proof that they are registered in FON AS A,* these are the requirements you must fulfill under the system, that's how it is." GI1 Directors * National Health Fund [Fondo Nacional de Salud]
It is worth mentioning that the FDE should be performed for samples between GI2 and GI1', inclusive, because that is the section corresponding to the cyclic convolution between GI1 and GI1' with the transmission channel.
At this point, we conclude that both GI1 and GI2 are essential parts within the GI region of WCP-COQAM.
Only GI1 and GI1' remain equal in order to emulate a circular convolution with the channel and perform frequency domain equalization, so GI2 implies an overload that affects SE.
* GI1 represents the index in the histogram of the first pixel left of the considered minimum, which has a histogram value higher than the mid-histogram value (the arithmetic mean between the maximum and the minimum values of the entire histogram)
* GI2 is similar to GI1, but computed at right of the local
From the set of distinct pairs (GI1, GI2), we choose one as the gutter by selecting the pair with the largest gutter score:
* avVal is the average histogram value from GI1 to GI2;
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