GI2Glycogen Initiator 2
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Song, "Apelin-13 induces ERK1/2 but not p38 MAPK activation through coupling of the human apelin receptor to the Gi2 pathway," Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica, vol.
It is worth mentioning that the FDE should be performed for samples between GI2 and GI1', inclusive, because that is the section corresponding to the cyclic convolution between GI1 and GI1' with the transmission channel.
The high correlation between gi2 and objective correlates of 'activity' suggests that we identify the second dimension (D2) with Activity, a second fundamental factor in Osgood's schema.
Filtering the set of local minima (from the part of the histogram corresponding to the middle of the image's width) is done using the following criteria: for each local minimum a pair of numbers (GI1, GI2) called the gutter-interval is computed as follows:
Evolutionary history and global spread of the emerging GI2 human rotaviruses.
Growth hormone decreases the response to anti-lipolytic agonists and decreases the levels of Gi2 in rat adipocytes.
TO help save the black rhino and protect other species, call 08705 668899 or send a cheque made out to WWF-UK to Freepost (GI2 122), Mirror Appeal, Northampton, NN99 1WF.
The 230 kg turret features an all-electric drive system for turret traverse and weapon elevation and is armed with the dual-feed LIW Vektor 20 mm GI2 cannon.
0.50 j0.88 18 gh5.80 d1.13 1.40 16 gi2.40 d1.10 1.12 7 hi0.82 0.96 j0.78 58 H15.0 0.92 1.04 OSB16 18 49.8 0.29 0.49 16 z8.65 0.85 b1.08 17 a1.27 w1.16 b1.19 9 za2.19 w1.12 0.90 60 H15.5 0.86 0.92 Particleboard (eastern redcedar) RCPB1 25 12.7 0.53 0.89 25 5.50 0.73 1.07 50 9.08 0.63 0.98 RCPB3 15 23.6 0.34 0.78 25 7.73 0.71 q1.34 25 p1.20 n1.12 q1.63 30 p0.79 n1.13 1.41 50 4.47 0.91 1.48 Bagasse particleboard (sugar cane) BAPB5 12 e2.67 c0.81 f0.87 20 e2.66 c0.81 f0.86 32 2.66 0.81 0.87 BAPB8 16 5.87 0.66 j0.82 8 3.22 0.76 j0.81 24 4.55 0.71 0.81 ANOVA pairwise comparisons (p.c.) of ND's within panel type and also main effects (m.e.) between panel groups** (F[1,110] for OSB, F[1,139] for RCPB, and F[1,52] for BAPB): a,b,c,...