GI2Glycogen Initiator 2
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A partir da tabela 5, e possivel identificar que 38,1% da resposta de Y3 foram afetados por RM3, GI2 e RM9, como apresentado pelo R2 ajustado.
De acordo com o modelo encontrado, e possivel identificar que 27,5% das respostas de Y4 estao associadas as respostas de RM3 e GI2, como apresentado pelo R2 ajustado da tabela 7.
Experimental groups Group [NaF] (%) pH Immersion Number of time (h) samples GC1 0 7 0 2 GC2 0 7 5 2 GI1 0 4 0 2 GI2 0.
The preceding Phase II study (which enrolled ~250 patients undergoing partial large bowel resection) demonstrated that TZP-101 reduced the time to GI2 by 23.
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was performed for the 26 GI2 strains isolated in our study, and 18 showed a clear RNA migration pattern.
Detection of a human rotavirus with GI2 and P[9] specificity in Thailand.
The Phase 2 study (which enrolled ~250 patients undergoing partial large bowel resection) demonstrated TZP-101's ability to reduce the time to GI2 by 23.
Erin Despard, University of Glasgow, East Quadrangle, University Avenue, Glasgow GI2 8QQ, UK.
The GI2, comprising 46 constituent funds, adds investability, active management, and liquidity to the diversification and performance benefits of the broad Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index.
The endpoint of these studies was time to achieve recovery of both upper and lower GI function, reported as GI2 data in the package insert, representing resolution of POI.
Since inception in January 2003, the GI2 has achieved an annualized return of +10.