GIAHSGlobally Important Agriculture Heritage Systems (UN Development Programme)
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Along with the GIAHS recognition, tourism is expected to become an alternative livelihood for people seeking a larger share of the lucrative tourism market.
Both traditional agriculture systems in Yunnan have been recognized as GIAHS by FAO, to pass on to future generations.
Worldwide, there are 32 designated GIAHS sites in 14 countries, including the rice terraces of Ifugao, which has also recognized as a Living Cultural Heritage Site.
GIAHS partners in the Philippines are the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environment Resources, as well as the local governments and farming communities in Ifugao-particularly the towns of Hungduan and Kiangan.
Other GIAHS sites are spread out in Algeria, Chile, China, India, Iran, Kenya, Japan, Morroco, Peru, South Korea, Tanzania, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.
In fact, two of the 32 GIAHS sites are also rice terraces.
GIAHS sites are land use systems and landscapes, which are rich in biodiversity and evolve around the relationship between communities and their land, a relationship that is protective of those lands and support sustainable development.
There are thirteen countries recognised as GIAHS sites around the world and which contribute to sustainable food production as "living, evolving systems resulting from the connection of human communities and their territories," said the Director-General.
For his part, Dante Delima, coordinator of agricultural department's national rice programme, said the DA extends its full support to restore the Ifugao Rice Terraces mainly because it is one of the country's most important contributions to the FAO's GIAHS.
The visits of the scholars to the different heritage areas in Ifugao and their interaction with their counterpart trainees in Japan will open their eyes and help them internalize the objectives of the ISMTP, In his message during the RP-Japan Forum last January 21 with the theme Synergizing Research and Human Capacity Building for Landscape Sustainable Development in the Philippines-Japan GIAHS Twinning Program, Governor Denis Habawel said the IPG strongly supports the activities of the ISMTP.