GIAOGauge Independent Atomic Orbital (chemistry)
GIAOGauge-Including Atomic Orbital (chemistry)
GIAOGauge Invariant Atomic Orbital
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"Mot truong lich six ngoai giao cua nuoc ta: chuyen ong Bui Phung qua Hue Ky" [An account from our nation's diplomatic history: Bui Phung in the United States].
(140) See, e.g., Le Dien Due, Giao su Ngo Bao Chau di trat duong
The authorities urged Party cadres to follow the Confucian principle of "chinh giao" that blended political leadership and the power of moral and intellectual indoctrination.
The theoretical [sup.1]H NMR spectrum was generated for all azole-amino acid adducts using the gauge-including atomic orbital (GIAO) method [22] as implemented in Gaussian G09D.01.
Electrical resistivity decreases with increasing moisture content in soils as reported in various literatures (Cosenza et al., 2006; Pozdnyakova et al., 2002; Kalinski et al., 1993; Ozcep et al., 2009; Ozcep et al., 2010; Giao et al., 2003).
Most researchers use terms such as 'dao la' (strange religious pathway) or 'cac hien tuong ton giao moi' (new religious phenomena) to refer to these groups.
(6) Resumidamente, reis de caixa ou folia de caixa e a forma como os januarenses denominam a tradicional modalidade de folia de reis, muito difundida na re giao. E realizada dentro das casas, nao envolve coreografia e conta com repertorio muito diferente.
His remarks on lexicography are more playful, giving us insight into the joy of discovering the origins and underlying meaning of words like guci, a pan-Malay-Indonesian word for 'jar' whose origins lie not in China but in Giao Chi, a production centre for trade ceramics of northern Vietnam.
13C, 15 N CPMAS NMR and GIAO DFT calculations of stereoisomeric oxindole alkaloids from Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa).
This strategic idea about outsourcing is also defended by Giao, Oliveira, & Vasconcellos (2008), who showed the strategic effect of services offshoring on value chains.
Global sourcing of knowledge services and innovation (GSKSI) is a relatively new phenomenon (GIAO, OLIVEIRA JUNIOR; 2013; GIAO, OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, VASCONCELLOS; 2008).
Nor were analyzed taking into account previous results obtained in other coeval sections of the Lusitanian Basin--the Murtinheira section, corresponding to the distal part of the platform, and the Sao Giao section, corresponding to the transitional part of the platform, both located in the Northern sector of the basin --thus enabling the interpretation of the detailed paleoecological conditions prevailing within different sectors and areas of the Lusitanian Basin during the Early-Middle Jurassic times.