GIAOGauge Independent Atomic Orbital (chemistry)
GIAOGauge-Including Atomic Orbital (chemistry)
GIAOGauge Invariant Atomic Orbital
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A more neutral approach was only introduced in 2014 when the contributors to a volume on postmodernism and new religious movements began to use concepts such as 'ton giao moi' (new religions) or 'phong trao ton giao moi' (new religious movement, NRM), referencing relevant Western literature.
In the Lusitanian Basin, where paleogeographical position of the studied sections, as well as other coeval sections like Sao Giao and Murtinheira, is well known, this interpretation is reinforced by the small number of species corresponding to this suborder referred in Murtinheira (Canales and Henriques, 2007, 2008; Canales et al.
Dr Salome Giao, of the University of Southampton, explained: "By making the process simpler we hope that testing will be conducted more frequently.
Bao Giao Thong Van Tai (Transport News), an online newspaper under Vietnam's Ministry of Transport, quoted Nguyen Trong Thai, head of NTSC office as saying that while the number of road and railway accidents went down, that of waterway accidents mounted sharply.
52) A new generation of scholars educated in the West and inspired by the liberal universality of human rights--such as Vu Cong Giao, Bui Ngoc Son and Vo Tri Hao--have been sharply critical of the strong entrenchment of the Soviet mentality in Chapter V of the Constitution.
The CDI was initially translated and validated in Brazil by Gouveia and colleagues (Gouveia, Barborsa, Almeida, & Giao, 1995).
Phuong HL, de Vries PJ, Nagelkerke N, Giao PT, Hung Le Q, Binh TQ, et al.
Ly Thuong Kiet, lich su ngoai giao va tong giao trieu Ly [Ly Thurong Kiet: History of the Ly Dynasty's Foreign Affairs and Relations with the Song Empire].
Specific studies have shown empirically: the positive relationship between corporate profitability and the use of IT in business processes (Pineiro Sanchez, 2006); the elevation of the productivity (Neirotti & Paolucci, 2007), the improvement in the performance of processes inducing elevation enterprise performance (Prasad & Heales, 2010), and the improvement in the performance of services (Roberto Giao, Mendes Borini, & Oliveira Junior, 2010).