GIASGreatly Increased Attack Speed (Diablo II)
GIASGateway Internet Access Services
GIASGeospatial and Imagery Access Services
GIASGCC Imagery Analysis Section (USFK specific)
GIASGod Is a System (graffiti artist)
GIASGPS Integration Alternatives Study
GIASGruppo Industriale Alimenti Surgelati (Italian: Frozen Food Industry Group)
GIASGroup Internal Audit Services (Liberty Group)
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So, after a GIAS maneuver of folding up the chair and hanging on to the seat cushion, we arrived in time for a wonderful dinner.
With increasing concern over the weight of the steel SUV machine, particularly evident when loading it unfolded into the back of the van, I decided to GIAS with a lighter-weight titanium Quickie Ti model.
My latest GIAS opportunity is currently in progress and may well turn out to be the most challenging to date.
HyperBanner's GIAS is upheld by HyperBanner Network administrators who manually inspect each banner ad submitted to the Network.