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GIBSGordon Institute of Business Science (University of Pretoria; Johannesburg, South Africa)
GIBSGraz International Bilingual School (Graz, Austria)
GIBSGambling Impact and Behavior Study
GIBSGeorge Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (Wilmington, NC)
GIBSGlobal Internet Business Solutions (various locations)
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(28) Kirby, Lessee of Killigrew and Prodger v Gibs (1666), 2 Keb 294, 84 ER 183 (KB).
Diverticular disease accounts for 17-40% of the cases of lower GIBs, and results from weakness at the site in the colon wall where the circular muscle layer is penetrated by the vas recta which drape over the dome of the diverticulum and become susceptible to trauma and disruption.
Nobody eber helps me into carriages, or ober mud-puddles, or gibs me any best place!
The lifter is typically attached to the ejector plates with a slide and gibs. These components have some clearance to allow for mechanical movement.
Evoking fly-high fantasy, fond memories, and fancy flourishes, Gerry Gibs Thrasher Dream Trio reaches out to listeners of all ages and backgrounds.
He sounds rattled all right, the Gibs have got him on the run.
There's 12 players out of contract at the end of season and not one deserves a new deal." On the email Alan Gibs" said: "I've never seen a more pathetic, incompetent bunch of misfits posing as Rangers players as witnessed on Sunday.
and Gibs, G.--the value of stretching the anal sphincters in the relief of post haemorrhoidectomy pain.
Jon Gibs, vp of analytics at digital agency Huge, fears that with too much targeting PopSugar's fans might get spooked by being followed across the products they view.
You would have side-action slides with gibs, locks, and angle pins to mechanically drive them open.