GICDGladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease (San Francisco, CA)
GICDGroupe International Cotrel Dubousset
GICDGardeners in Community Development (Richardson, TX)
GICDGauteng Institute for Curriculum Development (Zambia)
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The haematological, biochemical, echocardiographic and angiographic data were obtained with a GICD equipment (Beckman Coulter automated hematology analyzer Ac.
GICD director Deepak Srivastava and colleagues were able to directly reprogram heart cells called fibroblasts to become beating heart cells called cardiomyocytes.
Paik, as senior vice president of new business and advanced development for GICD until 1995, led the Advanced Development Team that vaulted GI to the forefront of digital television technology, pioneering both digital standard and digital high definition television systems.