GICTGoodwill Industries of Central Texas
GICTGlobal Information and Communication Technologies (World Bank)
GICTGroupe Islamiste Combattant Tunisien (French: Tunisian Islamic Fighting Group)
GICTGuy I Can't Trust
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At the same time, the Algerian domination of the AQIM network antagonized the Moroccan GICM and the Tunisian GICT. The Libyan militants of ILFG became increasingly divided into two groups: a minority that established itself in Afghanistan and Pakistan and gradually merged with AQC (Al Qaeda Central), and a majority faction who chose to return to Libya despite threats of imprisonment.
He was one of the key leaders of the Islamic Tunisian Fighting Group (GICT), since he managed in Peshawar the madhafa of the Tunisian jihadis.
of countries in the year sample 173 187 185 187 188 Figure 1--Growth impact of telecommunications (GDP percentage point increase due to 10 percentage-point increase in penetration) High-income Low- and mid die-income countries countries Fixed telephony 0.43 0.73 Mobile telephony 0.6 0.81 Internet 0.77 1.12 Broadband 1.21 1.38 Source: Yongsoo Kim, Tim Kelly, and Siddhartha Raja (2010) Building Broadband--Strategies and policies for developing world, Global Information and Communication Technologies (GICT) Department, World Bank, January 2010 Note: Table made from bar graph.
In a document released in April, Missing link, the World Banks Global Information and Communication Technologies Department (GICT) decries how sub-Saharan Africa accounts for less than 1% of the world's international bandwidth capacity.
The GICT, which promotes access to information and communication technologies in developing countries, believes that Africa's lack of connectivity is partly because the region is not connected to the global optical fibre broadband infrastructure.
The GICT has, therefore, set up the Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme (RCIP) to address the "missing link" and to improve access to international connectivity by focusing on closing the terrestrial connectivity gap.
The interim trustees, chaired by Casinos Association chairman Viscountess Cobham, have appointed a team from Salford University, under Peter Collins, to conduct an independent report on the way forward for the GICT.