GIDBGujarat Infrastructure Development Board (India)
GIDBGeospatial Information Data Base
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The gidB gene encodes a 7- methylguanosine (m7G) methyltransferase that specifically modifies residues on the 16S rRNA (rrs).
Other more extensive service catalogs are being developed, including the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) GIDB Portal, which lists nearly 1,400 map servers and over 300,000 individual data layers (Naval Research Laboratory, 2006a), and Mapdex, which lists over 1,700 servers (Mapdex, 2006).
Five nonclustered MDR isolates linked to Haarlem (4 patients from Bizerte) were distant by 6-11 alleles from cluster 1 showing the same polymorphisms in rpoB, katG, emibB, and gidB (Figure 2; Appendix).
The trade fair will be held from 26 - 28 September 2013, at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat and features support from India's Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Ministry of Water Resources, city municipal corporations and leading industry associations such as, Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA), Indian Water Resources Society (IWRS), Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) and Indian Desalination Association (InDA).
No mutations were detected in other representative drug resistance-related genes, such as rpoB (rifampin); rrn, gidB, and rpsL (streptomycin); embABC (ethambutol); pncAC (pyrazinamide); and gyrAB (quinolone).