GIDDGender in Development Division (Zambia)
GIDDGovernance and Institutional Development Division (Commonwealth of Nations)
GIDDGeneva Institute for Democracy and Development (est. 2004; Geneva, Switzerland)
GIDDGlobal Information Distribution Daemon
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This expectation was created by a combination of factors: the letter from Mrs Mugasha offering the GIDD directorship was less than equivocal; he exceeded the required standards in performance, including in management, during his probation; the Handbook provisions [containing staff rules] are supportive of a renewal; and, as of that time, no other director had been refused a contract renewal.
Whilst GIDD had the mandate to address the issues around gender mainstreaming in the PRSP, the limited capacity, technically, financially, materially and in terms of skilled human resources in gender mainstreaming resulted in the dilution of gender issues in the paper.
The political will around gender and development should be strengthened and demonstrated and this should be spearheaded by GIDD, CSOs and all other stakeholders.