GIDEPGovernment-Industry Data Exchange Program
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One of those conditions is that the contract provides timely notice to both the contracting officer and GIDEP.
Reporting is required by AS6081 section 818 and by the DFARS (System Criteria 6), but the volume of reports submitted to GIDEP suggests improvements are needed to resolve questions as to reporting responsibility.
Reporting of counterfeits to appropriate authority and GIDEP.
First, contractors would have to provide a written report to GIDEP within 60 days of becoming aware that a common item purchased by or for the contractor for delivery to or for the government is counterfeit, is suspected to be counterfeit or contains a major or critical nonconformance and constitutes a quality escape that has resulted in the release of like nonconforming items to more than one customer.
In addition to these two reporting requirements, contractors would be required to screen reports in the GIDEP database to avoid the use and delivery of items that are counterfeit, suspected to be counterfeit or contain a major or critical nonconformance.
Nonetheless, he and his employer decided to go ahead and issue the GIDEP Alert to share his findings with other CMM-using government contractors.
The GIDEP Alert just touched the tip of the iceberg.
Nessa ocasiao, os pais foram entrevistados individualmente (Entrevista sobre a Experiencia da Paternidade: Terceiro Mes do Bebe, GIDEP, 1999).